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June 1, 2012

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Thomas Alan Waits “Tom Waits” is an American singer-songwriter, composer and actor. Waits voice is a unique; smokey and husky mixed with his recognizable trademark growl. His music could be categorized blues, jazz and vaudeville.

He has influenced many songwriters and some of his songs are best-known through cover versions by other more commercial artists such as Bruce Springsteen, the Eagles and Rod Stewart.

He has been nominated for a number of major music awards and has won Grammy Awards for two albums, Bone Machine and Mule Variations. In 2011, Waits was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Tom Waits’ Music and Life

Thomas Alan Waits was born in December 7th in 1949. His parents Jesse Frank Waits and Alma Johnson McMurray were teachers. Waits lived with his mother since his parents divorced in 1960 (source

1965 Waits played in Systems. The band played R&B and soul.


In 1971 Waits made a series of demo recordings for Cohen’s Bizarre/Straight label. These early tracks were released twenty years later on The Early Years.

Waits signed to Asylum Records in 1972 and his first record Closing Time—was released in 1973.

He began touring and opening for such artists as Charlie Rich, Martha and the Vandellas and Frank Zappa.

Waits released The heart of the Saturday night in 1974 and the double album Nighthawks at the Diner in 1975.

Waits was drinking a lot in 70’s. Touring meant a lot of traveling, different hotels, unhealthy food, drinking and other bad habits.

Waits put together a touring band called The Nocturnal Emissions. They toured the United States and Europe eight months between 1976-1977.

Foreign Affairs (1977) was musically in a similar vein to Small Change that was released in 1976, but was more smoky jazzy and bluesy album. Blue Valentine was released in 1978


In 1980 Heartattack and Vine was released and it was Waits’ last studio album for the label Asylum.

In 1980 Tom Waits married Kathleen Brennan. They met while working on the set of the movie One from the Heart. Brennan is as a major influence on his music and other work.

Waits signed to Island Records and later released Swordfishtrombones in 1983

In 1985 he release Rain Dogs which was ranked 21st on Rolling Stone’s list of the 100 greatest albums of the 1980s.

In 1987 Waits released Franks Wild Years, which included studio versions from Waits’ play of the same name.


In 90’s Waits concentrated on movie soundtracks, acting and other music projects by other artists.

Bone Machine was released in 1992 and it was awarded a Grammy in the Best Alternative Album category.

In 1993 Waits released The Black Rider, which contained studio versions of the songs that Waits had written for the musical of the same name earlier in 1990.

In 1998 Waits released his last album Beautiful Maladies for the Label Island Records

Waits’s first album on his new label Epitaph was Mule Variations in 1999.


In 2002 Waits released two albums, Alice and Blood Money.

Waits released Real Gone in 2004

Album in 2006 called Orphans included three discs; Brawlers, rock and blues songs; Bawlers, ballads and love songs and Bastards including spoken-word tracks.


The title of the new album was Bad as Me and the album was released in 2011.

Tom Waits’ Albums

Bad As Me (2011)

Raised Right Men
Talking At The Same Time
Get Lost
Face To The Highway
Pay Me
Back In The Crowd
Bad As Me
Kiss Me
Last Leaf
Hell Broke Luce
New Year’s Eve
She Stole The Blush (Bonus Track)
Tell Me (Bonus Track)
After You Die (Bonus Track)

Glitter and Doom Live, 2009

disc 1

Lucinda / Ain’ Goin’ Down To The Well No Mo’
Get Behind The Mule
Fannin Street
Dirt In The Ground
Such A Scream
Live Circus
Goin’ Out West
Falling Down
The Part You Throw Away
Trampled Rose
Metropolitan Glide
I’ll Shoot The Moon
Green Grass
Make It Rain
Lucky Day


Tom Tales

Orphans 2006

disk1 Brawlers

Lie To Me
Fish In The Jailhouse
Bottom Of The World
Ain’t Goin’ Down To The Well
Lord I’ve Been Changed
Puttin’ On The Dog
Road To Peace
All The Time
The Return Of Jackie and Judy
Walk Away
Sea Of Love
Buzz Fledderjohn
Rains On Me

disc2 Bawlers

Bend Down The Branches
You Can Never Hold Back Spring
Long Way Home
Widow’s Grove
Little Drop Of Poison
Shiny Things
World Keeps Turning
Tell It To Me
Never Let Go
Fannin Street
Little Man
It’s Over
If I Have To Go
Goodnight Irene
The Fall Of Troy
Take Care Of All My Children
Down There By The Train
Danny Says
Jayne’s Blue Wish
Young At Heart

disc3 Bastards

What Keeps Mankind Alive
Children’s Story
Heigh Ho
Army Ants
Books Of Moses
Bone Chain
Two Sisters
First Kiss
Dog Door
Home I’ll Never Be
Poor Little Lamb
Altar Boy
The Pontiac
Spidey’s Wild Ride
King Kong
On The Road

Real Gone 2004

Top Of The Hill
Hoist That Rag
Sins Of My Father
Shake It
Don’t Go Into That Barn
How’s It Gonna End
Metropolitan Glide
Dead And Lovely
Trampled Rose
Green Grass
Baby Gonna Leave Me
Clang Boom Steam
Make It Rain
Day After Tomorrow

Blood Money 2002

Misery Is The River Of The World
Everything Goes To Hell
Coney Island Baby
All The World Is Green
God’s Away On Business
Another Man’s Vine
Knife Chase
Starving In The Belly Of A Whale
The Part You Throw Away
A Good Man Is Hard To Find

Alice 2002

Everything You Can Think
Flowers Grave
No One Knows I’m Gone
Poor Edward
Table Top Joe
Lost In The Harbour
We’re All Mad Here
Watch Her Disappear
I’m Still Here
Fish & Bird

Mule Variations 1999

Big In Japan
Lowside of the Road
Hold On
Get Behind The Mule
House Where Nobody Lives
Cold Water
What’s He Building?
Black Market Baby
Eyeball Kid
Picture In A Frame
Chocolate Jesus
Georgia Lee
Filipino Box Spring Hog
Take It With Me lyrics
Come On Up To The House

Beautiful Maladies 1998

Hang On St. Christopher
Clap Hands
The Black Rider
Jockey Full Of Bourbon
Earth Died Screaming
Straight To The Top (Rhumba)
Frank’s Wild Years (For Frankie Z.)
Shore Leave
Johnsburg, Illinois
Way Down In The Hole
Cold Cold Ground (Live)
Downtown Train
16 Shells From A Thirty-ought-six
Jesus Gonna Be Here
Good Old World (Waltz)
I Don’t Wanna Grow Up

The Black Rider 1993

Lucky Day Overture
The Black Rider
Just The Right Bullets
Black Box Theme
‘t’ain’t No Sin
Flash Pan Hunter / Intro
That’s The Way
The Briar And The Rose
Russian Dance
Gospel Train / Orchestra
I’ll Shoot The Moon
Flash Pan Hunter
Gospel Train
Oily Night
Lucky Day lyrics
The Last Rose Of Summer

Night On Earth (Soundtrack) 1992

Back In The Good Old World (Gypsy)
Los Angeles Mood (Chromium Descensions)
Los Angeles Theme (Another Private Dick)
New York Theme (Hey, You Can Have That Heart Attack Outside Buddy)
New York Mood (New Haircut And A Busted Lip)
Baby, I’m Not A Baby Anymore (Beatrice Theme)
Good Old World (Waltz)
Carnival (Brunello Del Montalcino)
On The Other Side Of The World
Good Old World (Gypsy Instrumental)
Paris Mood (Un De Fromage)
Dragging A Dead Priest
Helsinki Mood
Carnival Bob’s Confession
Good Old World (Waltz)
On The Other Side Of The World – (instrumental)

Bone Machine 1992

Earth Died Screaming
Dirt In The Ground
Such A Scream
All Stripped Down
Who Are You?
The Ocean Doesn’t Want Me
Jesus Gonna Be Here
A Little Rain
In The Colosseum
Goin’ Out West
Murder In The Red Barn
Black Wings
Whistle Down The Wind
I Don’t Wanna Grow Up
Let Me Get Up On It
That Feel

Big Time 1988

16 Shells From A Thirty-ought-six
Red Shoes
Cold Cold Ground
Yesterday Is Here
Way Down In The Hole
Big Black Mariah
Rain Dogs
Train Song
Johnsburg, Illinois
Ruby’s Arms
Telephone Call From Istanbul
Clap Hands
Gun Street Girl

Frank’s Wild Years 1987

Hang On St. Christopher
Straight To The Top (Rhumba)
Blow Wind Blow
Innocent When You Dream (Barroom)
I’ll Be Gone
Yesterday Is Here
Please Wake Me Up
Frank’s Theme
More Than Rain
Way Down In The Hole
I’ll Take New York
Telephone Call From Istanbul
Cold Cold Ground
Train Song

Rain Dogs 1985

Clap Hands
Cemetery Polka
Jockey Full Of Bourbon
Tango Till They’re Sore
Big Black Mariah
Diamonds & Gold
Hang Down Your Head
Rain Dogs
9th & Hennepin
Gun Street Girl
Union Square
Blind Love
Walking Spanish
Downtown Train
Bride Of Rain Dog
Anywhere I Lay My Head

Swordfishtrombones 1983

Shore Leave
Dave The Butcher
Johnsburg, Illinois
16 Shells From A Thirty-ought-six
Town With No Cheer
In The Neighborhood
Just Another Sucker On The Vine
Frank’s Wild Years (For Frankie Z.)
Down, Down, Down
Soldier’s Things
Gin Soaked Boy
Trouble’s Braids

One of the Heart, Soundtrack 1982

Opening Montage: Tom’s Piano Intro/Once Upon a Town/The Wages of Love
Is There Any Way out of This Dream?
Picking Up After You
Old Boyfriends
Broken Bicycles
I Beg Your Pardon
Little Boy Blue
Instrumental Montage: The Tango/Circus Girl
You Can’t Unring a Bell
This One’s from the Heart
Take Me Home
Candy Apple Red
Once Upon a Town/Empty Packets
This One’s from the Heart

Bounced Checks 1981

Heartattack and Vine
Jersey Girl
Eggs and Sausage (In a Cadillac with Susan Michelson)
I Never Talk to Strangers
The Piano Has Been Drinking
Whistlin’ Past the Graveyard
Mr. Henry
Diamonds on My Windshield
Burma Shave
Tom Traubert’s Blues

Heartattack And Vine 1980

Heartattack And Vine
Saving All My Love For You
Jersey Girl
’til The Money Runs Out
On The Nickel
Mr. Siegal
Ruby’s Arms

Blue Valentine 1978

Red Shoes By The Drugstore
Christmas Card From A Hooker In Minneapolis
Romeo Is Bleeding
Wrong Side Of The Road
Whistlin’ Past The Graveyard
Kentuchy Avenue
A Sweet Little Bullet From A Pretty Blue Gun
Blue Valentines

Foreign Affairs 1977

I Never Talk To Strangers
Medley: Jack & Neal / California, Here I Come
A Sight For Sore Eyes
Potter’s Field
Burma Shave
Barber Shop
Foreign Affair

Small Change 1976

Tom Traubert’s Blues
Step Right Up
Jitterburg Boys
I Wish I Was In New Orleans
The Piano Has Been Drinking (Not Me)
Invitation To The Blues
Pasties And A G-string
Bad Liver And A Broken Heart
The One That Got Away
Small Change
I Can’t Wait To Get Off Work

Nighthawks At The Diner 1975

(Opening Intro)
Emotional Weather Report
On A Foggy Night
Eggs And Sausage
Better Off Without A Wife
Nighthawk Postcards
Warm Beer And Cold Women
Putnam County
Spare Parts I
Big Joe And Phantom 309
Spare Parts Ii And Closing

The Heart Of Saturday Night 1974

New Coat Of Paint
San Diego Serenade
Semi Suite
Shiver Me Timbers
Diamonds On My Windshield
(Looking For) The Heart Of Saturday Night
Fumblin’ With The Blues
Please Call Me, Baby
Depot, Depot
Drunk On The Moon
The Ghosts Of Saturday Night

Closing Time 1973

Ol’ 55
I Hope That I Don’t Fall In Love With You
Virginia Avenue lyrics
Old Shoes (& Picture Postcards)
Midnight Lullaby
Ice Cream Man
Little Trip To Heaven
Grapefruit Moon
Closing Time

Tom Waits’ Movies

Tom Waits has worked as a composer for several sites, movies and musical plays and has acted in supporting and leading roles in films or musical plays. He was nominated for an Academy Award for his soundtrack work on One from the Heart.


In 1980 Tom Waits started to work with Francis Ford Coppola, who asked him to provide music for his film One from the Heart. In 1980 Waits married Kathleen Brennan, whom he had met while working on the set of the movie One from the Heart.

Waits appeared in a cameo role as a trumpet player in One from the Heart theatrical release in 1982.

Tom Waits received an Oscar nomination for Original Song Score. Waits appeared in cameos in Coppola’s movies The Outsiders 1983, Rumble Fish 1983, and The Cotton Club 1984, and a major role in Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

Waits played the lead role in Franks Wild Years, a musical play by Waits and Brennan in 1986.  Waits had several supporting roles such as Rudy the Kraut in Ironweed alongside Jack Nicholson and Meryl Streep and Robert Frank’s Candy Mountain. Tom Waits had a lead pikavippivertailu role in Jim Jarmusch’s Down by Law in 1986.

In 1989, Waits appeared in theatrical stage role as Curly in Thomas Babe’s Demon Wine, alongside Bill Pullman, Philip Baker Hall, Carol Kane, and Bud Cort.

Waits appeared appearances in three movies: as the voice of a radio DJ in Jim Jarmusch’s Mystery Train, as Kenny the Hitman in Robert Dornhelm’s Cold Feet and the lead role of Punch & Judy man Silva in Bearskin: An Urban Fairytale.


Waits had a cameo role as a disabled veteran in Terry Gilliam’s The Fisher King. He also appeared in Steve Rash’s Queens Logic alongside Kevin Bacon, John Malkovich, and Jamie Lee Curtis and in Hector Babenco’s film At Play in the Fields of the Lord.

In 1992 palyed Renfield in Francis Ford Coppola’s film Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

In 1997, Waits and Brennan wrote and performed the music for Bunny the animated short film by 20th Century Fox’s Blue Sky Studios. Bunny was awarded Best Animated Short Film by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Waits appeared in the comedy Mystery Men.


Waits had a five-year break from acting before he took a role in re-release of his 1993 Jim Jarmusch-directed short Coffee and Cigarettes: Somewhere in California, costarring Iggy Pop, compiled in Coffee and Cigarettes.

In 2005, Waits appeared in the Tony Scott film Domino. In the same year, Waits appeared in a cameo in Roberto Benigni’s romantic comedy La Tigre e la Neve.

He played the pikalaina role in Wristcutters: A Love Story, which opened in November 2007.In 2009 Waits played in the role of Mr. Nick in Terry Gilliam’s film The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. Leading star Heath Ledger died in January 2008 and the films’ future was at stake but the production got new actors playing his character in scenes he didn’t finish.


Waits played the role in the film The Book of Eli, opposite Denzel “” Washington.